5 Commercial Floor Coatings to Revolutionize Your Business

You may not think flooring has a great impact on your business, but many industries can benefit from today’s advances in floor coatings such as new-generation epoxies, acrylics and ESD materials. In fact, a new industrial floor can save your business money and eventually pay for itself by reducing workplace accidents and helping workers stay more productive. Here are five of our most popular commercial floor coatings and their benefits.

1. Epoxy Floor Coatings

• Easy to clean
• Creates a seamless flooring surface
• Creates a safe, slip-resistant floor
• Provides lasting and reliable durability
• Creates a visually appealing floor
• Allows faster movement of materials to increase productivity
• Provides chemical resistance
• Minimizes maintenance
• Provides an affordable solution
Epoxy-coated floors are great options for manufacturing plants, warehouses and automotive service bays.

2. Electrostatic Dissipative Floor (ESD) Coatings

• Creates a safer grounded floor surface
• Reduces electrical injury
• Provides chemical resistance
• Is visually appealing
Electrostatic dissipative coatings are ideal for areas where computers and other electronics are assembled, or static electricity is a threat.

3. Ucrete Floors

• Protects against thermal shock
• Provides chemical resistance
• USDA and FDA approved
Ucrete floors are great for food processing areas and environments where thermal changes and chemical application occurs.

4. Decorative Quartz Floors

• High aesthetic value
• Durable epoxy base
• Looks great indoors
Quartz floor coatings are suitable for restrooms, food processing areas and retail environments.

5. Polished Concrete Floors

• Easy installation and maintenance
• Lower floor cleaning costs
• Increases strength and durability
• Safe, non-slip surface
• Boosts ambient light
• No waxing or stripping needed
• Cost-effective
• Long-lasting

Both standard and colored polished concrete is perfect for schools, car dealerships, garages, retail stores, churches and almost anywhere an affordable concrete protectant is needed.

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