Why Choose INHIBISTAT – ESD Control Flooring Systems?

Your facility floor plays a vital role in the success of any robust ESD Control program. 

INHIBISTAT, a product of Protective Industrial Polymers, has a comprehensive product line along with technical and contracting support for all applications.

The INHIBISTAT product line

  • InhibiStat HBS – High-Build Epoxy ESD System.  This system produces a high-gloss, light-reflective surface that is ideal for electronics assembly operations or areas where durability, light-reflectance and aesthetics are a requirement.
  • InhibiStat CRS – Chemical-Resistant ESD System.  This system exhibilits excellent chemical resistance and is ideal for chemical and munitions facilities, or any area that requires ESD-control performance combined with chemical resistance.
  • InhibiStat SRS – Solvent-Resistant ESD System.  This system exhibits superior resistance to a wide array of chemicals including caustics and solvents, and is ideal for flammable product storage areas, or areas exposed to flux where heavy chemical or solvent exposure exists.
  • InhibiStat WRD – Low Odor, Water-Reducible ESD System.  This system is ideally suited for occupied areas where shut down is limited and solvent odors cannot be tolerated, such as food preparation or clean room process areas.

Areas that utilize the Protective Industrial Polymers INHIBISTAT

  • Electronics Assembly
  • Munitions
  • Pharmaceutical Process
  • Chemical Process/Storage
  • Clean Rooms/Medical Labs
  • Military/Aerospace
  • Medial Device Manufacturing
  • Plus more…

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