Are you looking for a smooth, easily cleanable, low maintenance surface for your facility’s concrete floors? If so, concrete polishing might be the perfect solution.

What is Polished Concrete Flooring?

400-grit-polish-floorConcrete polishing is a mechanical process in which abrasion (via a diamond grinder) is used first to grind concrete floors flat and then polish them to a desired sheen. The resulting surface is shiny and professional looking, non-porous (water resistant), and easily cleanable.

Benefits of Concrete Polishing

Polished concrete floors offer the advantage of being easy to clean due to their non-porous nature while also being low maintenance in that there is no surface coating that can chip, wear, or deteriorate.

Additionally, concrete polishing can be accomplished fairly quickly with most jobs wrapping up within three days depending upon the size of the facility.

Are Polished Concrete Floors Right For Your Factory?

Polished concrete floors are an ideal fit for such facilities as big box stores, warehouses, and other operations where it is critical for floors to stand up to the abuse of heavy foot and equipment traffic while also being easy to clean and maintain.

Polished concrete is not recommended in facilities where floors will be routinely exposed to oils, or corrosive and staining chemical agents.

Concrete floors left rough and uneven are a safety hazard, difficult to clean, and aesthetically leave much to be desired. If your floors could use a good polish, contact us today for a free consultation and estimate.


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