Your equipment is the heart of your operation and a good coat of paint will keep that heart beating strong.

Experienced managers and CEOs know that clean, properly maintained, equipment is vital to an efficient and productive operation. Machinery that has been painted the right way will be resistant to wear and corrosion and will also be easier to keep clean. Further, having well-painted equipment makes it easier to identify maintenance needs before they become a problem.

Benefits of Painting Your Machinery

At a glance, a quality coat of paint on your equipment will show that your facility is clean, modern, well-kept, and well-run. This will inspire confidence in customers and pride in your workforce. While appearances are important for any businesses, the benefits of Preferred’s equipment painting services extend into the practical. A good coat of paint provides a shield from moisture and corrosive chemicals, while also making it easier to keep machinery free of dirt, debris, oil, and grease. Protection from wear and corrosion, coupled with the fact that easy to clean equipment is simple to maintain, will translate to a longer operational life for your investment, thereby, reducing costs in the long run.

Our process involves thoroughly and properly cleaning equipment of all dirt, debris, and oils, tenting and masking to ensure cleanliness, and applying the right product in the right manner for your specific equipment and environment. We can employ such methods as dry ice blasting (to clean equipment without the mess resulting from sandblasting) and electrostatic painting (to make sure paint properly bonds to curved surfaces without excessive overspray).

Types of Machines and Equipment We Paint

Preferred offers painting solutions for all manner of industrial equipment including but not limited to:


  • CNC machines
  • Milling machines
  • Presses
painting equipment

  • Stamping machines
  • Lathes
  • Mixers
painting machinery
  • Generators
  • Tanks and Tank Linings
  • Silos and Storage Tanks

As always, Preferred strives to complete equipment painting projects while minimizing the impact on your daily operations. If the machinery that drives your operation is showing signs of rust, flaking paint, or even just a buildup of dirt and oil, please call us today. Repainting now will extend the life of your equipment, saving you thousands or more in repair and replacement costs in the future.



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