Our industrial buildings are significant assets that require proper maintenance to generate the return on investment you need. Preferred, Inc. – Fort Wayne is an industrial roofing contractor that understands this and works with every customer to assess the needs of their new flat roof or flat roof repair to ensure the best use of your capital resources. Proper roofing care and maintenance is key to ensuring all-season functionality and energy-savings.

Office-Buildings-ReroofThorough Assessment of Your Roofing Needs

Before we begin, we examine all factors that may affect the long term performance of your new or replacement flat roof. We thoroughly evaluate building construction, deck type, roof traffic, height, slope and chemical exposure. We carefully explore every detail to ensure the best long term performance of your industrial roof. Our experience in flat roofs allows our assessments to be right on target to ensure that you receive the best possible roof for your investment.

Benefits of Hiring a Full Service Industrial Roofing Contractor

Selecting an industrial roofing contractor that has installed thousands of flat roofs including built-up, modified bitumen and single-ply membrane systems such as TPO and EPDM helps ensure that your finished roof performs the way it should. 

From small emergency repairs to the largest of re-roofing or new construction projects, Preferred, Inc. - Fort Wayne services all your roofing needs with capabilities including built-up, modified bitumen and single-ply membrane systems. As a full-service roofing contractor, it's our job to identify your specific roofing requirements and develop the most cost-effective solution. Our professionalism and experience provide customers with peace of mind. If you're seeing signs of a roof leak, be sure to include Preferred, Inc. - Fort Wayne in your next request for proposal.

“Good workmanship and easy to work with.”
Kirk Schaefer

Our Services

Preferred, Inc. - Fort Wayne prides itself in the quality of its workforce. Full time staff and safety personnel make sure your commercial or industrial roofing project runs smoothly from start to finish. Since all our crews are Preferred, Inc. - Fort Wayne employees and no subcontractors are involved, we know exactly who is working on your roof and their level of skill and experience. Our crews are expertly trained and supervised to ensure the highest quality industrial roof installation. 

Regardless of the quality of the materials, it takes a skilled and experienced team to properly install flat roofs and other industrial roofing systems. Most of our crew members have been with us for years and all have our high quality standards as their standard operating procedures.

Roofing Services

Roofing Projects include

  • Factories of all types
  • Farms and agricultural
  • Chemical producers
  • Hospitals
  • Metals finishing
  • Shopping malls
  • Railroad facilities
  • Textile manufacturers
  • Petroleum refining

Roof Types

  • Single-Ply
  • Modified bitumens
  • Single-Ply EPDM
  • Roof coatings
  • PVC
  • TPO
  • EPDM Rubber

biomet commercial roof

New and Replacement Roofing

As with all your facility’s infrastructure, the roofs of your buildings will eventually degrade and need repair or replacement. Maybe your metal roof has begun to rust or perhaps your single ply or modified bitumen roof has begun to crumble resulting in leaks. Worse yet, perhaps a catastrophic even has poked a hole in your otherwise perfectly good roof. No matter what problems malign the the roofs that cover your operation, Preferred will tailor repair and replacement solutions that will keep the outdoors out for years to come.

Depending on your individual needs and budget, we can install cost effective, durable single ply roofing (PVC, TPO, or EPDM Rubber), or modified bitumen roofing (a great burn and melt resistant choice for buildings in the vicinity of smokestacks or other potential ignition and heat sources). Our roofing solutions can be customized to accommodate varying degrees of foot and equipment traffic and can be adapted to almost all industrial and commercial buildings. Further, we can re-roof any existing, code compliant roof.


Is your existing roof outdated and beginning to show the signs of wear and tear but otherwise in decent shape? If so, re-roofing could be a viable and cost-effective alternative to roof replacement. If a building is a good candidate for re-roofing, we can install the roofing material of your choice over the material currently in place. Since there is no need to remove old roofing, re-roofing can save you valuable time and money compared to roof replacement.

Metal Roof Recover

If your buildings have metal roofs that are beginning to rust or leak, have rough or uneven joints, or if you just want to improve the energy efficiency of your metal buildings, Preferred’s metal roof recover process might be just what you need.

The metal roof recover process involves first smoothing and conditioning the metal roof (addressing poor joints, improperly set rivets, bent panels etc.) and then installing a layer of insulation panels. Next, a layer of single ply roofing material is installed over the insulation and bolted directly to the metal infrastructure of the existing roof.

The resulting roof system is impervious to the elements for protection from leaks and corrosion, expansion resistant, and will improve the overall energy efficiency of the building.

30 Years of Industrial Roofing Experience

Our mission is simple – do it right the first time and stand behind the work. We have the experience and capabilities to handle all your roofing needs, big or small. Our workmanship is the best in the business and backed by our own warranty in addition to manufacturers’ material warranties.

Preferred, Inc. – Fort Wayne is one of the top industrial and commercial roofing contractors in northeast Indiana and northwest Ohio. With 30 years experience at helping companies decide on energy-efficient LEED certified roofing, our team is ready to offer our expertise and low-cost solutions for your business.  Contact us today to get your free roofing quote.

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